Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is the best eReader for the disconnected world? Kindle vrs iPad vrs Sony eReader

In March of this year, sixteen outdoor lovers spent thirty days rafting and kayaking down the Grand Canyon, where the rush of rapids, steep canyon walls, cool night air, moonlight hikes, and stargazing replace the drudgery of being chained to an inbox. Four of us were Digital Wanderers who brought our respective eReaders in place of books.  Read more

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Where has Becky been?

I've been writing. I have been writing a lot and I am nearly ready to publish a series of Whitepapers. I am in the midst of launching a new analyst firm under the name Vesselhead focused on Technology Disruptions.

Add the new blog to your RSS feeds. Go take a look at the new blog/website.  I have already posted two entries, one on the eWallet and another on HP's debut in the Tablet market.

This Blog I will keep and write occasionally on; however, I will use it to discuss other life interests like kayaking, poetry, etc.

Thank you for humoring my musings and participating in discussions on this blog.